Consumer Tokenisation

Customer has a choice to save bank card 16 digit number and expiry date to ensure a smoother future payment. In the future only security vault password, CVV and OTP will be required to complete the transaction.

Merchant Tokenisation

Merchant can store customers' bank card details by a generated token. Merchant is then entitled to send the token together with the amount to iPay88, which will be deducted from customer's account, without entering any additional codes.


  • Available in multiple currencies;
  • Comply with International Security Standard;
  • Applicable to Visa, Mastercard, and Amex card holders;
  • Improves user experience by saving time to complete the transaction.

You run a business that sells services to your customers. Your customers want to be paid after you finish your service. Avoid tedious transactions, and simply tokenise your customers' bank card details, allowing you to deduct seamlessly the amount for the services provided.

Boost your business today. Go iPay88.

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