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38.2 Million

online transactions in 2016

› RM 3 Billion

sales volume in 2016


merchants by end 2016

Designed for Malaysian e-merchants who wish to boost their businesses to new heights whilst enjoying zero maintenance fees.

Designed with multiple online payment options for Malaysian e-merchants forecasting monthly sales to exceed 4,000 MYR.

Designed for Malaysian e-merchants who have more than 1,000 transactions per month or monthly sales over 500,000 MYR.

We desire to grow Malaysian e-commerce industry; if you are interested in growing it together, we want to hear from you.

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Enjoy our exclusive promotions and deals, crafted specially to facilitate your business growth.

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Striving to revolutionise online payments and e-commerce!

Why choose us?

Simple Payment Simple
  • Multi Currency & Extensive Gateway Features provide seamless international purchases in most currencies.
Fast Approval Gurantees It fast
  • Fast approval guarantees that you can start operating your e-commerce business almost immediately and hassle-free.
It is safe It is Safe
  • Proven Fraud Prevention System & Monitoring in over 14 years has resulted in fraud ratio far below the industry threshold.

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